Black Herefords, Elevated

At Black Dragon we offer high quality Registered Black Herefords to work for any herd. We believe in the importance of top notch genetics and use the latest genetic testing technology to ensure a clean, defect free animal. 
Hardiness and maternal efficiency are core to our success and will be sure to increase your rangeability. Combined with our focus on end product merit, these animals are sure to produce the type of cattle that will improve your profitability.

About Us

Our family has been in the cow/calf business for five generations. We saw an opportunity to provide quality Black Hereford cattle that could work the range and fit with any commercial or registered herd and in 2011 established Black Dragon Cattle Co.  Generations of experience as cow/calf producers have taught us the importance of good genetics and phenotypically sound breeding stock, which is what we seek to deliver . Our location in the high desert sage brush of North West Colorado has taught us that our cattle must be hardy and efficient, stressing the importance of good feet and legs and traveling ability. Our cows must work in a number of extreme environments; from great basin desert to high mountain subalpine where we top out at 9,000 ft, all while raising calves with little to no feed input.

We believe in the future of the American Cattlemen and the American Black Hereford and hope that you will too.


"Productive, easy fleshing and work in big country up to 8500-9000 feet elevation."

Bill Rishel- Rishel Angus, Beef Improvement Federation Seedstock Producer of the Year, 2005

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